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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Deathly Hallows hacked?

How should I put this, ok, exactly 1 month before the release of the much anticipated HP book, a group of people have taken things into their own hands and supposedly hacked into Bloomsbury Publishing and gained access to the soft copy of the book.

They have released 3 spoilers. But the funny thing is, they have done all this in the name of
saving children/youth from being led into Neo Paganism (as said by Pope Benedict XVI in his war against HP). We all know that the HP series have been under constant criticism from various sources but their arguments rarely make any sense, and as usual, the sales of the book will top anything else.

Now just in case any of you might want the spoilers, they are at the bottom. But from what I have read, I do believe it is a hoax. (The spoilers are in black so please highlight the invisible part if you want to read it)

- Hermoine will be killed by Voldemort.
- Hagrid will be killed by Snape.
- Malfoy will take a liking to making Horcruxes (wtf?!)
- Oh and Potter will save the day as usual.

Oh well, they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want, but the sales and the support from the fans will always be there.

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