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Friday, October 31, 2008

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a game, made specially to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the FF franchise.

It is an action game, whereby selected heroes and villains from every FF (I to X) will be able to fight against each other for the ultimate title.

Ever wondered who will win if Squall fought Cloud? Or Sephiroth fought Tidus? Well, play with your friend and settle the score!

As with all new (or remade) Square games, Dissidia also comes with its own Limited Edition Bundle. The only problem is, this bundle is seriously LIMITED. Wonder how you can get your hands on it? (I'm not talking ebay you fool).

First, you gta stay in Japan.

Second, you gta be a Square Enix member.

Third, you gta submit your application within a one week window.

Forth, you gta be selected.

Fifth, after selection, your name will be put into a lottery system, whereby if you win,

Sixth, you get the right to buy it. =.=

Selected Heroes and Villains -

FF - Warrior of Light ; Garland
FFII - Firion ; Emperor
FFIII - Onion Knight ; Cloud of Darkness
FFIV - Cecil Harvey ; Golbez
FFV - Bartz Klauser ; Exdeath
FFVI - Terra Branford ; Kefka Palazzo
FFVII - Big Sword ; Long Sword
FFVIII - Squall Leonhart ; Ultimecia
FFIX - Zidane Tribal ; Kuja
FFX - Yuna's boyfriend ; Yuna's "father in-law" =.=

Tidus vs Jecht

PS : This game will be released on December 18 in Japan. *Ahem hem*. Just to clarify, I'll repeat the date - December 18.

Do take note. *wink wink*. XD

Thursday, October 30, 2008

PSP - An Outdated Review

This is my PSP. 2nd hand mind you. Got it thx to Don. ^^.

So the PSP allows users to game on-the-go, play movies, music, surf the net, and messenger etc.

With extra firmware, you can even use it to play your old PSONE games.

The latest version of the PSP (3000) also comes with a built in mic for Skype users.

With that said and done, my PSP Phat (1st gen), does not suck at all. In fact, it is the best device I have this past few years. If only I knew it was that good, I wouldn't have mind getting it earlier.

The first game I finished was God of War. It was awesome.

Am currently about to finish Star Ocean First Departure, after which I should be moving onto FF7 Crisis Core!


Life sux. Big time.

Nothing seems to be working out no matter how hard I try.

I hate it.

I try to see the good in everything, that light at the end of the tunnel, darkness just before the dawn, even that damn plant that manages to grow from the crevices of my wall and blossoms through it all.


But when it all falls apart, I'm just thankful that I'm given another day. Even though it might be rotten.

And, just like all the other stubborn losers, I will rise again. Pick up that baggage, carry that weight, and try to make things work again.

Life sux. But I'll do what I can.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hennessy Artistry - Shayne Ward, The DEY, Until June

The 3 main acts of the night. From left - Until June, Shayne Ward and The DEY.

It was held at the Orange Club in KL, right behind Borneo Baruk Club.

Group shot before we went in. Sam brought along many many friends... -.-

See the amount of cocktails... I remember drinking the Shanghai and also the Miami... Not sure of the other names.

Shayne Ward was the final performance of the night. Until June was freakin awesome as Geoffrey can also testify. They were even better than their album. The DEY was abit draggy for we only really know one of their hits - Give You The World.

Among other interesting things was Sam passing out just before the show started and vomitting right after Shayne went on stage. Crazy fler drank over 10 glasses in the 1st 2 hours...

Had lots and lots of fun. Met lotsa new people. And watched 3 awesome performances live and close-up! XD

Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie Premiere

Won the tix during one of The Dark Knight roadshows. ^^

Went with Jye Wei after work. It wuz at Megamall. We were early.

Had to put on one of these temporary tattoos... -.-

Before masuk, had to hand over all forms of recording devices including our handfons... Haiz... Piracy...

After the movie, had to collect our HP's. Wuz wrapped in a plactic bag that made it look like crime evidence... lol

PS : This was the day Dawson touched down in the US. It wuz also one of the worst days of my life thx to something unjust that happend a few hours before the movie. Lucky JyeWei was there and I had the movie to save me from dying... -.-

Hari Raya 2008 + Don's Bday + Ainin's Bday

See, we have very good time management. We squeeze 3 celebrations into ONE day at ONE person's house. XD

This year theres fewer people thanks to Ivan and Hocks FFK, and Dawson's stuck somewhere in the west. -.-

Attention : Don's hair

Ainin and Sarah

Attention : Don's hair. XD

I took this pic. It's pics like this that make the evening worthwhile. Wahahaha. XP

This was taken during Mabel's bday sumtime back. Until now she still hasn't given us any pics... tsk tsk.

Random Pics

KLCC super early in the morning... LoL

That's what you do when you're bored - Visit KLCC early in the morning.

Can't even remember what I was doing there. Haha
My copies of last years Crysis, and this years Warhead. Awesome stuff.

And, after months of patience, I finally bought my 2007 album of the year. It was the best offer. Having both the original album, the B-sides, and also the concert DVD.

Definitely worth the wait!

What I'm Watching

Every year I choose a new season to follow. Last year, it wuz Chuck. This year, its Fringe!

I must say, I really love this series. It's a cross between Mythbusters and X-files. ^^. The only problem would be that creator JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias), might draggg the series into oblivion with its never ending mysteries... =/

I certainly hope not! Ratings so far are between 7 and 9 outta 10.

After recovering from the Writer's Strike, we have the 3rd season of Heroes, aptly titled Villians.

From what I've witnessed so far this season, Heroes runs the risk of stretching itself too thin, thus revealing too many plotholes.

This weeks episode shows that there is chance for it to redeem itself after a bumpy start.

I certainly hope it does. Enough with the future guys, fix the present. As they say, the people are fine, the world is f**ked. LoL

Ratings range from 6.5's to 8.5's outta 10 in my books.

The most promising season of 2008 - Prison Break. 7 episodes in and it has not broken stride.

Every episode is well engineered and orchestrated, and is certainly the best series I am watching this year. Every episode gets a 9/10 rating from me.

It's a pity they took a break this week. Makes me furious... I need my Scylla fix!!! =C

Terminator. Another series I picked up last year. So far, not bad. But a lil bumpy here and there with ratings between 6.5 and 9.

Wonder if they are gonna make this fit into next year's Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale as John Connor... =S

Chucky Chuck. Not bad for a comedy series especially with *ahemm* Yvonne in it. ^^

Gets 7's and 8's.

It's obvious the kids are still unsure as to how their father met their mother. It's already the 4th season, but thankfully, it is still going strong.

Especially after this week's episode where Barney totally ownes the show.

Quote Don "Barney is a God!". I wouldn't disagree with you Don.

8's and 9's and 9.5's! XD

As for anime's for this fall, I have tried almost everything but gave up on most of it after 2 episodes or so. The only ones I'm clinging onto are these 3 (and maybe Tytania).

Gundam OO - Best animation, awesome story, and great mechas!

The OO Gundam looks really really really really really awesome. Did I mention really? ^^

Toaru Majutsu No Index - Graphic-wise, it's pretty good. Story wise, not bad.

It's about magic in a science world. 1st 2 episodes have been great.

Aww, look at how cute Index is. LoL

Tales of the Abyss - Colourful animation. Nicely done. Based on the Ps2 game with the same name.

And... the latest season of Clone Wars (gawd, Lucas, how many Clone War stories are there... -.-)

That brings it to a total of 10 shows I have to watch every week. Might add a few more if there are any good reviews.


Games of the Fall

Need for Speed Undercover brings back the police to the franchise! Available on all platforms. If it's good, I'll grab the Xbox 360 controller and burn up the streets. LoL.

Partner in crime? Dawson Tan. Hahaha. Mr Tan, we're going undercover this year.

The next game in the Red Alert franchise. Quirky storyline and awesome gameplay to be expected. Trust me, it's gonna be really really huge on the PC.

Partner in crime? The Don. ^^

Biggest game on the Xbox nuff' said. The sole reason I might get an Xbox this year.

Biggest PS3 game. Will it be enough to rival Gears? =S

The best of them all. ROFL. The uber-cute Planet Kecil Besar! XD. Trust me, this game is awesome.

PS: Fallout 3? nah XP

Santa's Gadgets

Well, if you're looking for a new portable music player this year, the 4th gen iPod Nano is a must buy! First, it looks awesome, it's not dwarfed like Ken's 3rd gen pod XP, and you can view your clips both horizontally and vertically. Do not forget the added memory!

On a side note, you can grab the new Touch. It even has a built in speaker! woot

As for nex-gen consoles, you might want to consider the PS3. Why? Well, it's definitely the best bang-for-buck console on the market now. AND DO NOT LET ANY FANBOYS TELL YOU OTHERWISE. Why?

Let me break it down for you.

PS3 with Blu-Ray, built in WiFi, and 80gigs of memory = USD 399

Xbox 360 with NOTHING and 60gigs of memory = USD 299
Add WiFi adapter, USD 99 and its $398.
Whoops, less memory, no Blu Ray.

The only thing that I would admit is that PS3's game library OF 2008 (not 2009), loses to the Xbox.

PSP 3000. The 3rd revision of the very capable Sony PSP. Anyone who is looking to buy a new psp, is stupid to buy the 2000 over the 3000. Why? 2 simple reasons - The screen and the mic.

The Xbox 360. My console of choice for 2008, only because it has Gears of War 2. But, based on my forecast, the PS3 will dominate beginning mid-2009. Trust me...

This, is the new Nintendo DS - The DSi. Also the 3rd revision of it's kind. Well, nothing much to be said coz we all know what the games are like. Fun but Fugly!

Or if you're in the market for something heavier, why not try out the new Mac Book's? Encased in a full body of aluminium, this beauty of Apple looks awesome and plays awesome too!

Well, what are you waiting for, start saving coz there ain't no Santa's you fools! XP


Well, it seems that both Jay and Lee Hom have watched The Dark Knight... Coz both their new albums, have superhero themes.

This year, Jay will be the legendary Dragon Knight, while Lee Hom will be the amazing Music Man. (Hey, don't take it up with me! I didn't come up with those awful names! LoL)

As for the music, Jay's Capricorn has already been released this week, while Lee Hom's album will be in a month's time.

Want to hear their new songs? Click Click below!

周杰伦 - 稻香 (I reallly really love the lyrics of this song. Surprisingly, it's written by Jay himself)

周杰伦 - 给我一首歌的时间 (My 2nd most fav song on the album)

周杰伦 - 时光机 (My most favourite song off the album. Doraemon themed! I would buy the album just for this song if I weren't so broke lulz)

王力宏 - 摇滚怎么了 (Very weird song. Not to my liking. Starts off really well but the chorus suxxx. Argh)

Fall Out Boy's new album, out in December. 1st single totally rawked my socks off.

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

Britney will be releasing her next effort on her birthday this December. 1st single? Womanizer!

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Repetitively catchy)