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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Finally Real have ended their 4 year drought with the Spanish La Liga title. The last of the Galacticos (Beckham and Carlos) are also leaving. Beckham has been given a Heroes sent off and he well deserves it. After all, without his comeback, would England or Real ever be able to acheive what they have in the last few months?

On a seperate note, my mid-terms have just ended but I wasn't in a good mood yesterday. Friggin problems involving bitc*es spoiling my mood. Was supposed to watch double movies but ended up stranded at home sleeping. Luckily at night had a last minunte plan with the boys and we ended up going to cc till midnight. That certainly did light up my day.

And by now most people have done watching Fantastic 4 and Oceans 13, and thanks to my exams I have watched neither. So how now? Watch solo? haiz...

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