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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pasta Puttanesca

Yesterday was a day to remember. After going through lots of dumb problems I finally got my driving license.

Today, was sick (since last weekend) so skipped 1st lesson. Went to college in the afternoon for CTS and Psychology. I brought the dvd and my group was supposed to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events (oh I love that movie) but since Kenek's laptop sux and earphones were not made for 3 people, I left them and went and join Pam and Poo to watch their groups' A Walk to Remember. My gawd that was such an old movie and it was so sad. Mandy Moore's dressing was so dam funny.

Anyways, Transformers is out today but I don't have the time to go watch (Megan Fox). Camp starts tomorrow and I'm still sick. Oh well...

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