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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Ok who doesn't know Thundercats? Well I don't expect the Cartoon Network or MTV generation to know. Thundercats is an animated TV series that me (and the rest of the world) watched when we were young (kindergarten).

Now don't laugh. It might sound and look lame, but ask people my age and they'll be like "OMG yea I watched that toooooo!" XD. It was one of the best and most popular animation series of the present past (1989 - 1995?)

On June 5, 2007 it was announced that Warner Bros. have optioned the rights to make a live action feature film based on the Thundercats cartoon. It will be an origin story expanding on the events of the first episode. Tentative release date is yet to be announced.

So there you have it. Will it be a purr-fect meow-sterpiece, or a cat-astrophic? Only time will tell. Oh, and I do hope that Jessica Alba will be cast for the role of Cheetara. OMG. Just imagine that *faint*. Don't you guys agree? =D

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