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Sunday, July 22, 2007

All was well, The End.

Yes I have finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. However, after experiencing all the adventures that has been scripted in those very pages, I did not see the end coming. The blast of realization that taunts me in the face as I read the last words of the Epilogue - 19 Years Later, came as a real dreaded shock. "All was well". I kept rereading those last 3 words over and over again, hoping maybe that more words would pour out of the book, praying maybe that there was still some unexplained mystery, some uncovered loophole that might lead to another book. It never came. This is truly the end. The end of the series that has been the greatest joy of reading I have ever experienced.

Evil vanquished; love found. Having reached the end, it does not matter when you read it, how you read it or how long it took you to read it, because all that matters is that you have read the final book and reached the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. I will never forget who introduced me and how I have begun to read the very first book, nor all that has happened to me throughout the 7 books.

Thank you Rowling, and to all the other fans out there, enjoy!

PS: This is not the review. XP

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