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Sunday, July 29, 2007

In Black

Some things in life make you go black. Life-changing events, like that of Spiderman. With the death of Aunt May in TASM #543, Spiderman has gone Back in Black.

There are also recent changes in my life that have made me gone black. As you can see, even my new banner is black. How long will this last? Nobody knows. Even I don't know.

It's like a disease, or more of a cruel realization that hits you hard in the face. A moment in time that shatters everything. A giving-up or a letting-go. Like waking up from a deep slumber, sweet dreams, to see that something is wrong, is different.

What about the light that has faded? Will it reappear again? Smiling back at you from behind the clouds. Where is that lost hope? That unfound dream?

I doubt it will feel the same again. The End.

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