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Monday, July 23, 2007

The wait... is OVER!

On the eve, we went to celebrate Kenek's b'day at Jack's Place. Had quite some fun.

Went home and tried to sleep early. Woke up at 4.30am the next day. July 21st. Finally, the day has arrived. Went McD to fill our tummies before we started the long agonizing wait for the doors to open.

After breakfast at 6am, we searched the whole One Utama for an entrance to Times but couldnt find one. Went over to MPH and saw a line of people already lining up. Yee Lian was second in line. Don discoverd that the books were not to be on sale. He was devastated.

At 6.57am, the doors finally opened. We were the 1st to get in.

Waited for 2 minutes then the manager came rushing to open the shop. He confirmed Don's fear that books will not be sold to those who did not pre-booked. Don begged and pleaded but to no avail. A sign on the window explain the reason and it was the result of the price war (read previous post).

We were the first customers to grab the book and the manager presented it to us like some sort of prize. It was awesome, being able to finally hold the book that I have been waiting so long for. Call me a fanatic but I guess you're right.

Returning to my car after we bought the book. Estatic! XD. (Gawd my hair was wet and flat from all the sweating while waiting =.=)

Sent Don over to Border's and luckily, he was able to grab a copy there. Overall it was so much fun but sadly, I will not get to experience it again for it is the last book.

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Anonymous said...

Still waiting on ur 1.5k or more words review..so i can comment ^^