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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let the holidays begin!

Yay 2nd sem is over. Exams are over. The holidays have began. Too bad it isn't a 1 month holiday though. =/.

Anyways, watched Rush Hour 3 yesterday. OMG lah, it's like soooooooooooooo much better than the crappy Simpsons. Went with like 15 people and laughed like a sohai. XD.

Oh and the Digi advertisement has finally changed. You know the one where he goes "Aiyah I don't care, I Dai Gor mah!". Yea now it shows that guy just got whacked up. LOL.

At night went for BBQ at Li Kun's place. Was damn friggin fun. After that wanted to go cyber but the wrath of Don's mum stood in our way.

Oh well, I guess that's a start to the hols. I finally bought Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment. Read a lil' so far. It's great. But i gotta spend many more hours training.

Adios. XD

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