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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apple Special Event (September 2007)

Where to begin. There have been many new things going on at Apple less than 24hours ago. It was a joy watching Steve Jobs churn out all the new stuff in preparation for the holiday season. So let me cut to the chase and bring you that bundle of news.

1. The iTunes

~ The new iTunes 7.4 allows users to create and buy their own personal ringtone from the many many songs available on iTunes. Users can select any part of the song they want (not the whole song mind) and with just a click of the button (and 99cents) purchase that selected portion right off the Internet and straight into your Ringtone library. Effects such as the fade-in and fade-out are also available.

2. The iPod Shuffle

~ The smallest member of the iPod family is now available in 5 new (and duller) colors. It is like the "emo" version of the Shuffle. No more bright shiny colors. Might be suitable for the senior crowd. No other changes.

3. The NEW iPod Nano

~ The MOST popular iPod has been totally revamped. It has now been made to support video. It is like a mini version of the iPod (video). Full anodized aluminium casing, displays the most pixel-per-inch (204 pixels) on any Apple product, thus resulting in brighter (64% more) and sharper images and videos. A new feature - Cover Flow, allows you to seamlessly scroll through the album art of your songs on the gorgeous 2-inch display. 3 new games including Vortex. Available in both 4GB and 8GB flash memory.

4. (Product)RED
~ The new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffles are also available in the (Product)RED versions where a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.

4. The NEW iPod Classic

~ Over the past 5 years, people have been giving this little-big guy many different names such as the iPod video, generation (insert number here) etc. Now, Apple have chosen to name it as the iPod Classic. It has everything that the new Nano has, and more. Available in both 80GB and 160GB, you can now put 40,000 songs in your pocket. It is also slimmer than its predecessor and features a 2.5-inch display.

Well, that was the re-dressed or revamped version for all 3 of the currently available iPods. Still salivating? Or fuming perhaps? Want more? Hang on!

5. The NEW iPod Touch

~ Heard of the iPhone? Love the touch-screen feature? Well, Apple has released the new iPod Touch. It has everything the iPhone has, and more - minus the call function. First, it has a 3.5-inch display that allows you to view videos in widescreen format. It's built-in accelerometer will automatically detect the state of your iPod - whether you are holding it in the portrait or landscape style, and consequently, adjust it's screen view to suit your situation. The amazing thing about this new device is that it includes WiFi. Yeah you heard me - WiFi. Wireless access whenever you're near a hotspot. The WiFi access also spawns 2 other new features which are the Safari web browser and YouTube. You will be able to surf the web with ease right from the palm of your hand and will also be able to watch YouTube (free videos!) on the go. It will be available in both 8GB and 16GB flash memory. Hopefully Apple got the WiFi right.

Now with the new wireless ease on the iPod touch, new services have to be made available to the public as well. Among them are the :

6. iTunes WiFi Music Store
~ Users get to download music on the go and when they plug the Touch back into the computer, it will automatically sync the new songs back in.

7. Apple + Starbucks

~ Apple has also found a new partnership with Starbucks. What can we gain? Well, have you ever been in a situation where you're in a shopping mall, or restaurant, and you're just wondering what great song it is that they are playing? Well, if you are in Starbucks, fret not! Just turn on your WiFi, and from there, you can view their playlist, and also buy music directly from them. Though I am not an ardent Starbucks fan, and I don't really see many people using this feature, I still find it a thoughtful approach on the behalf of Apple and Starbucks.

Wow the list just doesn't end does it? Not quite yet. Here's the last bit.

8. The iPhone
~ Used to be viewed as quite a luxury item, the iPhone was made available in both 4GB and 8GB memory capacities, and price at $499 and $599 respectively. According to Apple, the latter was more popular. As such, in preparation for the holiday season, Apple is phasing out the 4GB version and promoting the 8GB version. How you ask? Well, just take the $599 price tag of the 8GB and slash it t0 $399. That's a full 200 bucks off the bill. Awesome huh? (Though I'm sure the current owners will be furious XD). It certainly is a great way to put more pressure on the competition.

Well, we have finally reached the end. The above was covered in yesterday's Apple Special Event. All that's left is to wait and see what the reviews will be like and how the public will respond to these new products in the coming holiday season.

PS : We also have to wait for it to reach our stores.
PPS : Anyone wanna buy my 2nd-Gen Nano second hand? XD


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