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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hitz.fm Morning Crew Gotcha!

Yeah, the Hitz.fm Morning Crew, by JJ and Rudy (minus the Hotlink XD). I am an avid listener. It's great. I lurve their crappy news and jokes and of course the Gotcha's and the Malaysian Exposed Lie Detector test. My sis especially loves the Gotcha when they bring in Haziq, the 10 year old kid.

So we all know that the Gotcha is a prank call program, where you can submit details on the hitz.fm website and they'll pull a prank on your friend. But, one day, I heard something different.

This Gotcha call was sorta used to get people onto the right track. I did not manage to record the entire thing for I was driving. I have uploaded it so do download and you will get the gist of it.

It's about a friend who called in to complain bout a guy who's acting like a real f*cking taikor and is a pain in the @ss. It's about time to get his parents involved. LOL.

To me, this is the absolute BEST Gotcha!


PS: I hope all of you are not as uncivilized as Jeremy. Damn memalukan. Serves him right. GOTCHA!!!


janice said...

Ohmygosh i heard that gotcha too! laughed like crazy!

JJ said...

Thank you so much for listening. You ROCK

UNITEDisLIFE said...

Yeah padan that bloke. I especially loved it when his mom got on the line and he was like... err... err... ha ha... he must be shittin' in his pants man... i wonder if his dad whacked him upside down..

Munz said...

lol. yeah i lurve it. oh is that really JJ? and who is unitedislife? umm r u a fren? hi anyways. XD