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Friday, September 14, 2007

Memories of Nobody ~ The Diamond Dust Rebellion

The highly anticipated second movie of Bleach - Memories of Nobody, was released on December 2006 in Japan. But, around the world, we were not able to watch it for it wasn't yet available in DVD quality and with English subs.

So we waited, and waited, and (yeah) waited. Finally, early this month (almost a year later), the DVD was released and consequently, the subbed versions (thanks Dattebayo!).

So after watching it, was it worth the wait? Well, I must say that the storyline is kinda cliche and the entire movie was kinda draggy. I mean how can you sit and watch Bleach for almost an hour without any fighting scenes?

Towards the end, the plot begun to resolve and the viewers could finally see some action. As a movie, it wasn't really worth my time. What made it worth was the ending where we get to see most of the leaders of the 13-squads in action. That was enjoyable.

Now as we near the end of another year, word has it that a third Bleach movie will be released this December. Do we have to wait another 9 months to watch? I hope not. The trailer is already available though it does not look too promising. =/

It is named Bleach : The Diamond Dust Rebellion.


Anonymous said...

i think you got something wrong there, Memories of Nobody was the first Bleach movie, cause you say it is the second

Munz said...

Haha. It is the 2nd. But the 1st to be screened in cinemas. The 1st Bleach movie was the one involving the hollow that killed his mom. i cant rmb the name tho.