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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Click Five Live at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur November 7

And... the pics!!!
The Real Click 5 XD (L-R) Me, Sam, Ken, Lam, Grace
The bannerThe entrance at approx 5pm. We were one of the 1st 50 people... Mostly crazy gurls.
The long queue at around 7pm. This pic was taken while we were already eating. Suckers! XD
Our free drinks... Grapefruit x2 (no we're not a couple), Ginger ale, and the expensive version of Ribena. LoL
The huge portion of our Fish n Chips Huge portion of BBQ Chicken

The inside of the cafe where the performance was held

The outside at night (that's Zjin Fei)And for all the gurl fans... Finally, Kyle Patrick in person.
Kyle 2
Kyle 3
Kyle 4,5,6
I can't remember how he got up there during the last song (Headlight Disco)

and... My autographed album! Met them and got all their signatures. XD

Story : It was one of those days we were waiting for - no class for the next 4 days, and a rock concert at night. The Click Five were here to rock KL at the Hard Rock Cafe. We arrived at around 5pm and waited patiently for about 2 hours to get in (we learned our lesson).

Upon arrival, there was a sound test, and as such, the doors were closed. Finally it was open around 6.30 and we went in. My stomach was doing the thinking, and because of that, I dragged my friends along to eat at their restaurant. We spent 15bucks each but ate like kings. Haha.

Met lotsa people there (including ZF's friends). Too many young smokers though (shakes head). At 9pm, Joey G went onstage and finally, The Click Five begun their live gig. It was great fun and they sang most of their popular songs like Just the Girl, Catch Your Wave, Empty, Headlight Disco and of course JENNY!

Too bad the performance only lasted an hour. After the concert me, Lam and Debbie went through a maze (corridors and a couple flights of stairs) to get to the meet-and-greet session where we got our albums signed. Went home around 11pm.

Overall, it was really worth our time and money. Next up, My Chemical Romance!!! XD

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Abby Lwkuan said...

HAHAHA... It's so strange that the lady[or guy] judge people by their drinks. Hahaha...

The food is GOOD.. Thank God you were all into "I want to have something to eat, and yes, I want it!" sorta thing.. Lol..