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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gundam 00

Gundam 00 (double-oh) is the latest addition to the long-standing Gundam franchise. The animes have been around for ages and it has been quite a while since Seed, Destiny and Stargazer were aired.

So what is this new anime series all about? I am not quite sure yet for I have not watched it. Am saving it for after my finals to enjoy. LoL. So far, all I can say is that the anime quality looks friggin awesome! The Gundams on the other hand do not have same WOW effect as they did on Seed and Seed Destiny.

Oh well, maybe this means that the machines will not be helluva imbalance (one-man army anyone?). So far there are 4 Gundams in this new series, namely Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue.

Well, I definitely cant wait to watch but I certainly cant afford to waste time on it either... Friggin quizzes, assignments and exams will determine my fate over the next 4 weeks. Sobs.

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