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Friday, October 31, 2008

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a game, made specially to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the FF franchise.

It is an action game, whereby selected heroes and villains from every FF (I to X) will be able to fight against each other for the ultimate title.

Ever wondered who will win if Squall fought Cloud? Or Sephiroth fought Tidus? Well, play with your friend and settle the score!

As with all new (or remade) Square games, Dissidia also comes with its own Limited Edition Bundle. The only problem is, this bundle is seriously LIMITED. Wonder how you can get your hands on it? (I'm not talking ebay you fool).

First, you gta stay in Japan.

Second, you gta be a Square Enix member.

Third, you gta submit your application within a one week window.

Forth, you gta be selected.

Fifth, after selection, your name will be put into a lottery system, whereby if you win,

Sixth, you get the right to buy it. =.=

Selected Heroes and Villains -

FF - Warrior of Light ; Garland
FFII - Firion ; Emperor
FFIII - Onion Knight ; Cloud of Darkness
FFIV - Cecil Harvey ; Golbez
FFV - Bartz Klauser ; Exdeath
FFVI - Terra Branford ; Kefka Palazzo
FFVII - Big Sword ; Long Sword
FFVIII - Squall Leonhart ; Ultimecia
FFIX - Zidane Tribal ; Kuja
FFX - Yuna's boyfriend ; Yuna's "father in-law" =.=

Tidus vs Jecht

PS : This game will be released on December 18 in Japan. *Ahem hem*. Just to clarify, I'll repeat the date - December 18.

Do take note. *wink wink*. XD


Joe said...

WHATS UP!? GET YOUR BLOG MOVING AGAIN! Also I would like for you to purchase that psp game with the FF characters and send it to me lol. Nice talking to you MUNZ.


Joe said...

MUNZ!!! Nice to here from ya bud. Yeah it has really been a while since that blog has been dusted off. Look foward to seeing your new blog, stop on by my360inlife.blogspot.com and say hello to Rog I'm sure he'd be glad to hear from you too!