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Thursday, July 5, 2007


Finally watched Transformers yesterday. I had a few friends who told me that it was (1)movie of the year (2)11/10 (3)awesome yadayada. I had really high expectations but was kinda dissappointed. The only way I can describe Transformers is that its like a cake with VERY heavy and sugary icing but the cake itself is quite tasteless.

I am not saying it sucks. In fact, it far from sucks. The only problem is that amist all the superb CGI, the story just gets lost. The storyline gets a little scattered at times. Boring? No. Just scattered. It makes you leave the cinema with a bang but after that you might feel kinda empty.

On a separate note, Megan Fox is really hot. Really. And the movie constantly reminds you of that fact. She might even be a distraction at times. XD.

Now if I were to rate the movie, it will be an 8.5/10. That doesn't mean I'm doing it injustice. No. It's just that Megan gets an 11/10. I mean, just look at her. =P

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