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Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Bachelor Party?

Woohoo! Last night was Merdeka countdown. It did not feel right to stay at home when there were sooo many people gathering a few km below my house. So what to do? Join a whole bunch of almost 20 guys and go mamaking. XD

First, we went to Penang Mari to meet up and grab a bite. That was around 10pm. Heck I even managed to bring Kevin along. That was rare man. So we gathered there and around 11.30pm, decided to head over to our old school - BU4 to watch the fireworks.

So we walked (and some drove XD) and we were there just before the fireworks started. There was like a sea of people (and cars) there. I could even see some cars that were wrecked - mirrors smashed, bumpers detached etc.

So we stood there and a few seconds later, the fireworks lit the night sky (nope, we did not have a countdown). The fireworks lasted for about 10 minutes. It wasn't as good as the New Year ones but it was not bad. The finale was good.

Throughout the entire fireworks demonstration, we can hear Jia Yang reminding us how pitiful it is to be single and that our entire bachelor gang should get a gf by new year's eve so that we can watch the fireworks with a gurl. Lol. His reminder amplifies the irony of our situation - watching the fireworks with a huge gang of guys =.=.

After the fireworks, we wanted to visit the neighbourhood pub but it was closed for the night. So, we ended up at Penang Mari again. =.=. We sat, and chat and chat and chat till 2.30am. Me and many others left then but Don and JY still remained.

Came home and had a round of DotA. Had to wake up early today though. Sad. Overall, it was fun. Well worth the gathering of the gays, or what my friend calls, the sausage fest. =.=. Next week, it'll be all back to hitting the books. Oh well.

PS: Forgive the blurness of my pics. Taken with my "very high tech" K700i. XD

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