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Saturday, September 1, 2007

TV Attractions This Fall

Alright, the summer has passed and the blockbusters have had their say. Now fall has come and in the cold weather (not locally =.=), it is time to stay home and enjoy the endless screenings of the latest seasons of many new and recurring TV dramas.

Among the many many TV series, I would be spending my precious time on only TWO of them, namely Heroes Season 2 and Prison Break Season 3.

Heroes returns with most of it's previous cast, and a few new ones. A new plot, new story and many new abilities. A few days ago I stumbled across an E! news saying that 1 of the new heroes - a female, has some kinda lightning power if I'm not mistaken. It should be as good as the 1st season. Oh I absolutely loved episode 20 from the previous season.

Next would be Prison Break. At the end of the second season, Scofield was thrown into Sonar. In the third season, he will meet the guy in charge of that place (there are no guards there) and he will learn the "rules and regulations" of that place. Besides, there will also be a new female character who has the intelligence of Michael and Mahone. She will play the love interest of a certain character.

These new seasons will start around the third week of September (24th?). Hopefully Prison Break does not drag on too long. Heroes should be great with all the new heroes - and villians. Well, bring it on. We'll be waiting.

Below are the trailers for both of the series.

Heroes (S2)

Prison Break (S3)

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