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Friday, August 24, 2007

My Comic Collection

Lol. My Detective Conan comic collection. I think I have been collecting it since Primary 2 or 3 (Wei Tzyy I'm sure you have given up ryte? XP). It is from the first till the 57th (current) and it still isn't over. It's been 10 years I think. Hope it ends soon though. Haha.

This is my Gempak Graphic Novel collection. Comics by Ben (my most fav), Kaoru, Keith, Clay etc etc. Consists of (but not limited to) Fatal Chaos 1,2,3, Le Gardenie 1and2, Helios Eclipse 1,2,3 Falcon 1and2. It costs a bunch but its friggin worth it. XD.

Not forgetting my Marvel Comics. I only have the Marvel Civil War collection and the Spiderman Back in Black collection. Doesn't sound like much? Check the price. XD

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weitzyy said...

long time also stop di lor... ahaha.. i go ur house one day .. u lend me k k ??