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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


不能说的秘密. A secret. Yeah, this movie is full of it. Secret is Jay Chou's directorial debut. It was released early this month. I have just watched it today, and OMG it's great. Just GREAT.

This is a teen romance movie (that is being acted by adults =.=). The main character Jay (yea that's his role name and real name =.=) changes to a new school where he studies music. There, he falls in love with Yu who is a girl of many secrets. It is a movie filled with music and love and also sticky teenage relationships.

I will not divulge the main plot of this movie for it has many twists and is a pure joy to watch. I went into the cinema trying to convince myself that I wasn't wasting my money, and hey presto, I did not! The charm and magic of the movie kept drawing me in and by the end of it, my heart was so full of emotions that I had to sit down and take a few deep breaths before leaving the cinema. Many girls cried during the movie (though I did not).

If yesterday I said that Ratatouille was good, this is great. Do not miss out on this movie. Bring your partners along to watch (girls please bring more tissue XD). It will not go to waste (though I did not have the joy of watching it with a gurl XD).

As my fingers move across the keyboard (though not with as much agility and grace as the Jay when he plays the piano), I am glad that this talented musician, Jay, has taken the risk of creating a movie that turned out to be so good and touching (and quite convincing).

It is a movie that is truly like a magical musical masterpiece.

Rating : 9/10

Music is timeless. Like a fairy tale, it is evergreen and can take you anywhere and allow you to experience many different things. It can allow you to express or repress your feelings. It is like a time machine, that can take you to the age of your parents, or even further back. Music is life.

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