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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ratatouille! Disney's latest CGI flick. Pixar hasn't created anything as enjoyable as this since the Toy Story days. To infinity and beyond anyone?

Rat-ta-to-ee is a movie about a rat (duh), Remy, who has a very keen sense of smell. Thus, he (or it) will not accept any garbage food. But is there a place in the culinary world for one of its worst enemy - a rodent? Well there is actually. According to this movie, ANYONE CAN COOK (though it is inadvisable). XD. In order to achieve his dreams and become a chef, Remy teams up with a talentless boy - Linguini and the pair do cook up a storm.

This movie is spiced-filled and definitely worth the money. It's an enjoyable movie and is suitable for all ages (though not for all people - rat haters?). I daresay it is the best animation flick this year (oh won't you Simpsons fans just give up!).

Go watch it. Just sit back and let the Remy and his "family" serve you a meal. What? Rats can't cook? Nono. Put down your Ego and give it a try. They might just SURPRISE you. Haha.

Rating : 8.5/10

PS: This movie is best served chilled and is 100% animation guarantee. XP

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