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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2. The teen version of Grease. Yeah. Remember Breaking Free? Or perhaps Start of Something New? Vaguely? Oh well, this is the (long anticipated =.=) sequel to that successful movie. High School Musical was good, but can the 2nd instalment be better?

Alas, no. This second movie is so barbie doll-ish and fake-ish that it might frighten an audience anywhere above 8 years of age. Yeah. The color is PINK and the characters are behaving strangely. It's as if they just joined (or got out from) one of those psych wards (Watch Troy's solo dance on Bet on It and you'll believe me). Another problem would be Sharpay. Yeah, she scares me.

The songs are nowhere near as good, as I have mentioned a few posts ago. Be sure to watch it with a pail or something for you might just puke. It's just toooo fake and PINK. =.=. Character-wise, all your "favourite" characters return but the only one I find to be watchable is Ryan. Oh have I mentioned that this movie is about the Summer Holidays? Yeah, and teen politics.

Another problem would be that it is too long. Clocking in at at almost 2 hours, you'd be left praying for the torture to end. On the plus side, Gabriella looks good with short hair but I doubt that's enough to save the movie. Disney should have quit after the first one, but that would be quite impossible since it has raked in sooo much $$$. Oh well, that's showbiz.

Rating 6.5/10

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