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Thursday, September 27, 2007

WCG Team Malaysia Problems

Well, the WCG Malaysian finals are long gone and the winners are chosen. There are 6 participating games and 10 winners.

Unfortunately, even though all of them won a full expense paid trip to Seattle, only 6 of them manage to successfully apply for the visa. The representatives for Warcraft 3, Need for Speed Carbon and FIFA 07 were denied their entry into the US.

Worst of all is my friend's team Hybrid, a Counter-Strike team. The team consists of 5 players and ironically, only 4 of them have managed to obtain their visas.

There is currently a shout-out to the entire Malaysia for the last player. Any person who has an active US visa and knows how to "buy guns" in-game, are invited to apply for this last slot. I am sure they will be able to find a visa-holding CS talent. It would be a shame if they are unable to.

All the best to my friend Stain, team Hybrid, and the rest of the Malaysian's that will be representing us in Seattle next month. For those who were denied entry, do not feel too bad for there will always be a next year.

Good Luck guys!

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