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Friday, September 28, 2007

David Copperfield - World of Wonder

David Copperfield will finally perform IN MALAYSIA again after so many years. I remember his last performance was in Genting many many years back. I was too young to watch it then but even so, I remembered his name and now finally, I get to watch him live.

Who is he? Only the GREATEST illusionist to have ever walked the Earth. No kidding. I have watched his live performances on video and its nothing short of AMAZING.

David will be in Malaysia on the 30th and 31st of October 2007. He will be performing 2 shows a day which makes it 4 shows in total. Wow. The prices are as follows :

Matinee Show : RM503, RM423, RM383, RM353, RM283, RM103 & RM83
Evening Show : RM503, RM383, RM353, RM323, RM223, RM103 & RM83

Well, I will definitely be going. Those of you who wana come along for some great fun, do tell me and I'll get all our tix together.

PS: I am not sure of the venue for as you can see, his official website, and the "official" poster contradict each other. One says Stadium Negara, the other Putra. Either way, I'll BE THERE!

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Joe said...

I just recently went to Las Vegas in May and I was able to see Lance Burton. His show was amazing and if I think to hard about how they do that shit it makes my head hurt. Hope you have a good time if you see David Copperfield.