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Saturday, October 27, 2007

F.I.R.'s 第十行星 World Tour

FIR rox. Nuff said. Their music rocks and Faye's voice totally ownes.

Last week during the opening of their "Tenth Planet" world tour in Taiwan, Real (white shirt) proposed to Faye on stage. How cool is that? Their wedding is scheduled for 2008.

This is the video for 第十行星 (Tenth Planet), the forth single off their latest album and my second most fav song from the album.



Anonymous said...

OMG!!! SERIOUS SHIT?? REAL PROPOSED FAYE??? SERIOUS????@______@ OH MY GOOWWSSHH!! pengsan aku!! hahaa. ingat just pak tor, mana tahu melamar now pulak. aiyoyoyo. hahaa. chun chun chun. i cant wait for their concert lar. bila mereka datang ke msia ni?? haha=)


Mercy said...

hey any ideas where to find the dates and locations for their world tour? and how to get tickets?thanks!