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Friday, October 5, 2007

This Week In Action

Oh well, I have not been updating for a long time. As the week comes to an end, allow me to provide a recap.

First, watching Ken struggling with the usual gurl-kaoing XD.

Second, had a friggin gay team training today. Was quite eventful though.

Third, discovered that Beyonce won't be making it to KL though the Black Eyed Peas and The Click Five certainly will. Hopefully I will be able to get tix for the latter. (Gawd all these concerts are burning a hole in my wallet. Wait, there is already a hole in it. Oh boy).

Forth, had my weekly dose of Heroes, Prison Break and How I Met Your Mother.

Fifth, watched and listened to Jolin's new album - Agent J. Realise I said "watched and listened". That's cause she made a music video, wait, it's a music movie. Yeah, a 90minute movie filmed in London, Paris etc etc where all the songs + some a storyline turn it into a movie.

Sixth, coming up with a plan to buy the new iPod Touch. XD

Seventh, now is 4.30am. I slept at 7.30pm last night. Had a friggin headache. My first full 8-hour sleep in a looong time. LOL

Eighth, I have a few articles due on Sturday but I have not started on any yet.

Ninth, Happy Birthday Don!

Oh and boy the week isn't over yet. =s

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