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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekly Highlights

Ok, this week was friggin crazy. Received our mid-terms timetable and realise it clashed with our WGT tourney. Was kinda sad. But just yesterday, the organizers released their schedule and apparently, the competition will not be starting on the 25th (the last day of my exams). It will be starting on the 26th!!!(the day AFTER my exam).

Wahahahahahahahahahaha. I'm like soooo happy. XD.

Next, the bad news. Usually in my college, if a student misses over 4 lessons, he/she will be barred from the final exam. I missed exactly 4 for my LAN Malaysian Studies. Got barred. I was like WTHECK??? So I went to ask the lecturer and he said the allowance for this particular subject was 3 times only, not 4.

I have till next week to appeal. Hope it works out.

Lastly, got the tix for David Copperfield on the 31st, 8.30pm. Going with 5 friends.

Now, that rawks. XD

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