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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Double Rally

Ok, there have been a couple of rallies going on lately, both of which have negative consequences. First up would be the WGA rally, where the scripters and writers for all our favourite TV shows (in the US) hope to get a salary increase etc because their works are being used by more medias other than the usual TV screenings (weekly internet downloads anyone?). So fans of Heroes and Prison Break and what not will have to patiently wait for newer episodes to be filmed. This could take a looong time... Sobs...

Next up would be the rally in our own country, better known as the "yellow march". Well this rally has been making waves lately. I definitely do not agree with the result. Take a look at the pics. Does that even look like our country? It looks like a f*cking state where things are not stable and people and the government clash and make things look like war or something. Argh...

PS : Malaysia anyone?

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