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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gears of War - Day 3 [The Brumak]

What is a Brumak? That is a Brumak. Yeah, a multi-eyed giant monster loaded with guns. Cool huh. Well, today I played Gears till Act 2... Had fun driving the friggin vehicle and using the UV thingy to blow those Kryll to smithereens... XD

BUT ONCE AGAIN, my save file was LOST... WTF again... It just *poofed* disappeared... I was friggin angry. Googled and found that this seemed to be quite a common problem. Damnit... Hope they release a patch SOON!

So what to do now that my save file is lost? Well instead of going back to study or playing DotA, I went straight to Act 5 - the bonus Act on available to PC gamers. Gawd that level was kinda hard... Too much splitting up and too many Emergence Pits... Towards the end, finally got to see the Brumak in full glory (PC ONLY! XP) and fought it. Still cannot win though.

Tired. Will resume Brumak hunting tomorrow. LoL.

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