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Friday, November 2, 2007

Jay Chou - On the Run

Ok, Jay's new album... He releases one every year btw... It's good. More than half the songs are great. There are 10 songs and 2 of them are tunes taken from his movie - Secret's soundtrack, and turned into songs. They are both great. I escpecially love 青花瓷 and 蒲公英的约定.

Jay said he had some country inspiration for the album, but apart from the cowboy cover and the 1st songs, I do not hear anything country-ish... heck they are even more Oriental based...

His partner in crime - Vincent Fang, who writes most of his lyrics is also great. The words are so deep that I can barely understand.

Rating : 8/10


SD_rog said...

I didn't know what exactly to expect when I heard about him doing this "cowboy" thing...but after I was able to get the song from a friend and listen to it I really like Cowboy on the run! It's such a departure from what I expected...a really pleasant surprise! I've yet to hear the other songs...tho... Chinese country music! wow :D

Munz said...

haha. yeah. and there are many more great songs on the album. yeah sure. feel free to add me on ur blog. n giv me ur link too! XD

SD_rog said...

cool! my blog address is www.my360inlife.blogspot.com