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Monday, November 5, 2007

WCG 2007 + WGTG 2007

World Cyber Games 2007 - Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
World GameMasters Tournament - One Utame High Street

Finally, the pics...
1. That would be me...
2. My team - CrisyS. (L-R) Jye Wei aka Silverchain, Roger aka SeCrEtZ, Geoffrey aka kidd, Zjin Fei aka Lucastrophic, and me, Munz aka Xerocrest.
3. That would be our 2 CS teams CrisyS and FEAR gambling while waiting for our game... Heck my game was the LAST of the day...
4. That would be during WCG 2007, me (Unstoppable shirt) and Don (white bag).

5. and lastly, our group pic after our WCG matches... Look at those strained smiles... XD

-Pics curtesy of kenek, the cover-upper. Why didnt you take more pics you @ss.


Joe said...

Sweet, love the new background and I am so jealous that you went to a tournament, me and some buddies really wanted to get in on the GoW tournament in California but we couldnt guarantee that we would all be able to make it so kinda fell through the floor. How did you guys do?


Joe said...

OMG Gears of War is amazing, I purchased Halo 3 the day after it came out and I have already stoped playing it as often as I thought I would. Me and my friends most of the time are still playing GoW online even though it has been out for about a year, there are tons of people still playing it and the campaign is pretty sweet as well. I kno the online one is going to include some type of bonus gameplay so that can only add to how good it is. Sorry I'm going off like this but it is a very good game and well worth the money they are asking for it. So I was gonna ask you, what type of computer do you have? I am really quite serious in thinking in buying an alien ware here in the near future so I was just wondering. Hope you have playing your game tomorrow!