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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Games of the Fall

Need for Speed Undercover brings back the police to the franchise! Available on all platforms. If it's good, I'll grab the Xbox 360 controller and burn up the streets. LoL.

Partner in crime? Dawson Tan. Hahaha. Mr Tan, we're going undercover this year.

The next game in the Red Alert franchise. Quirky storyline and awesome gameplay to be expected. Trust me, it's gonna be really really huge on the PC.

Partner in crime? The Don. ^^

Biggest game on the Xbox nuff' said. The sole reason I might get an Xbox this year.

Biggest PS3 game. Will it be enough to rival Gears? =S

The best of them all. ROFL. The uber-cute Planet Kecil Besar! XD. Trust me, this game is awesome.

PS: Fallout 3? nah XP

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