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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I'm Watching

Every year I choose a new season to follow. Last year, it wuz Chuck. This year, its Fringe!

I must say, I really love this series. It's a cross between Mythbusters and X-files. ^^. The only problem would be that creator JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias), might draggg the series into oblivion with its never ending mysteries... =/

I certainly hope not! Ratings so far are between 7 and 9 outta 10.

After recovering from the Writer's Strike, we have the 3rd season of Heroes, aptly titled Villians.

From what I've witnessed so far this season, Heroes runs the risk of stretching itself too thin, thus revealing too many plotholes.

This weeks episode shows that there is chance for it to redeem itself after a bumpy start.

I certainly hope it does. Enough with the future guys, fix the present. As they say, the people are fine, the world is f**ked. LoL

Ratings range from 6.5's to 8.5's outta 10 in my books.

The most promising season of 2008 - Prison Break. 7 episodes in and it has not broken stride.

Every episode is well engineered and orchestrated, and is certainly the best series I am watching this year. Every episode gets a 9/10 rating from me.

It's a pity they took a break this week. Makes me furious... I need my Scylla fix!!! =C

Terminator. Another series I picked up last year. So far, not bad. But a lil bumpy here and there with ratings between 6.5 and 9.

Wonder if they are gonna make this fit into next year's Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale as John Connor... =S

Chucky Chuck. Not bad for a comedy series especially with *ahemm* Yvonne in it. ^^

Gets 7's and 8's.

It's obvious the kids are still unsure as to how their father met their mother. It's already the 4th season, but thankfully, it is still going strong.

Especially after this week's episode where Barney totally ownes the show.

Quote Don "Barney is a God!". I wouldn't disagree with you Don.

8's and 9's and 9.5's! XD

As for anime's for this fall, I have tried almost everything but gave up on most of it after 2 episodes or so. The only ones I'm clinging onto are these 3 (and maybe Tytania).

Gundam OO - Best animation, awesome story, and great mechas!

The OO Gundam looks really really really really really awesome. Did I mention really? ^^

Toaru Majutsu No Index - Graphic-wise, it's pretty good. Story wise, not bad.

It's about magic in a science world. 1st 2 episodes have been great.

Aww, look at how cute Index is. LoL

Tales of the Abyss - Colourful animation. Nicely done. Based on the Ps2 game with the same name.

And... the latest season of Clone Wars (gawd, Lucas, how many Clone War stories are there... -.-)

That brings it to a total of 10 shows I have to watch every week. Might add a few more if there are any good reviews.


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Sexyteddychan said...

I just started Tales of the Abyss too ^_^ I love it. I need to get some more info on it though.