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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hennessy Artistry - Shayne Ward, The DEY, Until June

The 3 main acts of the night. From left - Until June, Shayne Ward and The DEY.

It was held at the Orange Club in KL, right behind Borneo Baruk Club.

Group shot before we went in. Sam brought along many many friends... -.-

See the amount of cocktails... I remember drinking the Shanghai and also the Miami... Not sure of the other names.

Shayne Ward was the final performance of the night. Until June was freakin awesome as Geoffrey can also testify. They were even better than their album. The DEY was abit draggy for we only really know one of their hits - Give You The World.

Among other interesting things was Sam passing out just before the show started and vomitting right after Shayne went on stage. Crazy fler drank over 10 glasses in the 1st 2 hours...

Had lots and lots of fun. Met lotsa new people. And watched 3 awesome performances live and close-up! XD

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