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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie Premiere

Won the tix during one of The Dark Knight roadshows. ^^

Went with Jye Wei after work. It wuz at Megamall. We were early.

Had to put on one of these temporary tattoos... -.-

Before masuk, had to hand over all forms of recording devices including our handfons... Haiz... Piracy...

After the movie, had to collect our HP's. Wuz wrapped in a plactic bag that made it look like crime evidence... lol

PS : This was the day Dawson touched down in the US. It wuz also one of the worst days of my life thx to something unjust that happend a few hours before the movie. Lucky JyeWei was there and I had the movie to save me from dying... -.-

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